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  • Mark A. Howell

The E2 Initiative has Launched

A little over six weeks ago, we made the life-changing decision to launch The E2 Initiative. In the days leading up to our decision, we contemplated two pieces of advice. The first was, “If you want to walk on the water, you have to get out of the boat.” And the second, “If it is God’s will then it’s God’s bill.” In other words, you've got to know what God wants you to do, and then you need to trust Him to provide while you do it.

Well, a lot has happened in six weeks. We are officially “out the boat” and learning how to walk through uncertain waters. And we are trusting God for His provision in ways that we never have before. The past month has been quite a journey, and to be honest, it’s been both exciting and terrifying at the same time!

Now that E2 is launched, it's time for us to connect with ministry partners who will join us in the journey. Without these partners, E2 cannot survive. We are earnestly praying for God to provide those who will give monthly, quarterly, or annually to support the work of the Initiative. Our focus is not on building infrastructure—it is on giving ourselves to both equip and encourage those who serve God’s church. The generosity of our ministry partners will allow us to give ourselves to this task (1 Thess 2:8).

While most of our efforts have been working on the “what” of the ministry, we have recently begun focusing on the “work” of the ministry. This week we participated in a Zoom meeting with some key ministry leaders in the Middle East. We are amazed at the doors that God is already opening for E2 to provide much-needed training and instruction. Well, the journey has begun. And we look forward to sharing the stories of how God is going to use the E2 Initiative for His glory.

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Rose Henke
Rose Henke
Dec 29, 2020

I am so excited to learn more about where the Lord is leading your family. We will pray for you in this wonderful journey of faith. May He richly bless your faithfulness as you go to the ends of the earth to make disciples of all nations.

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