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of the more than 2 million churches worldwide are led by pastors and leaders with no theological training


of pastors believe that ministry has negatively affected their family


of pastors and their spouses have felt unqualified or discouraged at some point in their ministry


of pastors have reported that ministry was completely different than what they thought it would be

The E2 Initiative believes that theologically prepared and spiritually healthy church leaders are essential for biblically sound and spiritually vibrant churches. Simply stated, healthy leaders lead healthy churches.

E2 exists for ministry leaders by providing both theological training to those who have little or no access to resources or training, and mentorship and encouragement to pastors, ministry leaders, and their families who serve in challenging, and often isolated settings.

Our mission is simple: we equip pastors and ministry leaders FOR their work; and we encourage them IN their work by providing teaching, training, materials, mentorship, and encouragement both domestically and internationally.

We work with theologically like-minded ministry partners to invest in those who serve God's church. As Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, our passion at E2 is not only to share the gospel, but also to share ourselves (1 Thess. 2:8).

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